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Terms & Conditions

Scope of assignment along with the methodology to be employed, an estimated time requirement and a schedule of professional fees.

In order to accomplish the objectives above, our work would typically include the following steps:

1)  To begin with, assignment would require a market research, strategic marketing and innovative creativity to be undertaken in order to deliver the brand positioning and marketing deliverables committed.

2)  Ideazoncanvas will recommend Strategic & focused USPs / Touch points

3)  Once approved by the Client, Communication talk lines/key communication messages to support the same shall be recommended

4)  Marketing and a Media plan will be designed by Ideazoncanvas and finalized along with the executive team of the Client

5)  Client will share available marketing budget for the assignment

6)  An evaluation of the viability of each of the proposed promotional activities in relation to the revenue targeted and the budgets.

7)  Based on approved marketing and media plan, Client will provide creative brief for each of the promotional initiatives. The brief shall feature an area where the objective, deliverable and timelines for the said initiative will need to be stated. Format for the brief shall be shared with the Client.

8)  It will be our responsibility to drive and liaise with the Client team to collect, combine and collate information to create all required marketing communication for forthcoming initiatives of the Client.

9)Ideazoncanvas shall ensure that each of the creative suggested maximize the final touch points and key messages of the brand. Consistent focus on key messages will result in increased brand awareness and strengthen customer loyalty for the Client.

10)  Should photography be required, Ideazoncanvas will recommend and if required monitor the photography for the property. The payment of the photographer and all his requirements will not be included in the assignment fees and shall be made directly by the Client to the vendor. (Ideazoncanvas will not charge any commission against organizing the same). Our travel requirements for the same will be required to be cleared by the Client.

11)  Stock shots/images required for the collaterals will be charged in addition to the contract fees.

12)  All vendor initiatives will be solicited and paid for directly by Client to the vendor itself. Ideazoncanvas will only be responsible to share accurate and approved artworks for the initiatives.

13)  Should Client require deliverable where in services of a third party suppliers are required, Ideazoncanvas will ensure all dealings with the supplier are done by Ideazoncanvas, unless mandated otherwise by the Client. Ideazoncanvas will also ensure that charges of supplier deliverables are pre-approved by Client. All payments for these services shall be routed through Ideazoncanvas, but will be paid directly by Client to the supplier.

14) Ideazoncanvas will prepare a weekly status report for all initiatives undertaken for the Client. This status report shall be duly updated and emailed to the Client every week for the duration of the assignment.

15) Ideazoncanvas requests you to provide with as much following information about the assignment at the start of our work which will aid us in performing this assignment.

All existing brand information, data

All previous marketing creative and corresponding artworks

Ideazoncanvas will continue work on the assignment upon receiving your formal confirmation of our appointment via a signed and email copy of this contract.

Standard Terms & Conditions:

1)  In the event that after completing any phase of the assignment it becomes necessary to alter the parameters of the assignment which will change the deliverables of the assignment, Ideazoncanvas will be entitled to charge an additional fee based on our current rates and the time required incorporating the necessary changes. In addition, the estimate of timing will be extended by an amount equal to the added work.

2)  Notwithstanding the fee structure set forth above, if, at any time while performing this assignment it becomes necessary to suspend work for a period of 15 days or more then Ideazoncanvas will be entitled to invoice you for the portion of assignment completed up to the suspension.

3)  If full payment for the professional fees is not received before the end of the assignment period mentioned in the agreement then a late charge of 5% will be added on per month of the total unpaid sum.

4)  Should Client or Ideazoncanvas choose to conclude the assignment in the interim of the engagement period, a minimum of 10 days notice period will be required to be given by either of the parties.

Payment Structure:

Ideazoncanvas shall raise a 50% advance payment invoice and the rest would be payable on the completion of the assignment period stated herein.

Non Disclosure Agreement:

Ideazoncanvas agrees to not disclose any information shared by Client during the duration of the assignment that may be termed as ‘Confidential information’.

Ideazoncanvas will ensure that all creative designed would be unique & once approved will be exclusive to the Client. It will also ensure that all creative/templates used by the Client will not be reused by any other Client.

If the foregoing proposal meets with your acceptance, please sign and return one copy of this agreement. Upon receiving the same and after understanding the scope of work, Ideazoncanvas will send you the invoice of the advance amount payable as described above.

Your signature beneath the words ‘Agreed to and Accepted’, together with you remittance, signifies your agreement to employ Ideazoncanvas for these services.

Ideazoncanvas greatly appreciates the opportunity of submitting this proposal and look forward to working with you on this assignment.

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